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ATRIDE’s wearable, an e-textile for personalized respiratory health management

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) presents a significant global health burden, characterized by progressive airflow limitation. Management traditionally involves a multifaceted approach encompassing education, pharmacological intervention, and pulmonary rehabilitation. ATRIDE, a pioneering Greek wearable technology company, has introduced the Digilung shirt, a novel e-textile designed to empower patients and optimize COPD treatment strategies.

The Digilung shirt integrates seamlessly with the wearer, featuring embedded sensors that capture real-time breathing patterns in conjunction with AI algorithms. This data acquisition system provides a foundation for personalized healthcare, generating valuable insights for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Early detection of exacerbations

Early discharge following surgical intervention for COPD patients often presents challenges. However, the Digilung shirt facilitates remote coaching opportunities through real-time biofeedback. This allows patients to perform breathing exercises with greater accuracy, fostering self-management and potentially accelerating recovery times.

Beyond data collection, the Digilung shirt serves as a virtual coach, guiding wearers towards improved respiratory health. Patients with COPD can utilize the shirt for continuous monitoring, potentially enabling proactive identification of symptom flare-ups before they escalate. This proactive approach has the potential to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and enhance overall well-being.

ATRIDE’s shirt. Current version.

Real-rorld vs. lab data

ATRIDE will utilize the breathing shirt to extend beyond the realm of COPD management. Athletes seeking to optimize performance can leverage the shirt’s advanced data analytics capabilities. The garment tracks activity levels and breathing patterns, providing a comprehensive picture of exertion and lung function. This empowers athletes to refine their training regimens and achieve peak performance.

The Digilung shirt is more than just a tool for COPD patients. It also serves as a vital resource for self-management through guided breathing exercises. This feature is particularly beneficial for those looking to improve their respiratory health independently.


ATRIDE recognizes the transformative potential of the Digilung shirt and is actively seeking collaborations and investments to fully realize its potential. Partnerships with patients, doctors, healthcare organizations, and investors are crucial for bringing this innovative technology to market and revolutionizing respiratory health management.

The Digilung shirt transcends the boundaries of a mere wearable device. It represents a tangible tool for individuals with respiratory health challenges. ATRIDE is using cutting-edge technology to offer a transformative solution for the future of respiratory healthcare.

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