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DIGILUNG is funded by the European Union and runs from September 2023 until August 2026. The project focuses on revolutionizing COPD care through integrated cutting-edge AI and digital health solutions. Creating strong interregional COPD ecosystem among various stakeholders for future successful cooperations with the aim of healthcare digitalisation.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the third leading cause of death worldwide, affecting millions of people globally and exerting a significant economic impact.

Digilung aims to scale up three AI-based innovations derived from business-driven pilots, creating a holistic solution that interconnects them seamlessly. At the core of this initiative is a state-of-the-art digital device, powered by the integrative solution from Cognuse. This device, in tandem with the connected LungShirt of ATRIDE (Kinetic Analysis), records daily breathing and activity data from patients. The collected data is then transmitted to the MoveUp AI platform for in-depth analysis, interpretation, visualization, and personalized recommendations.

The project’s vision extends beyond individual innovations, aiming to establish an innovative digital health ecosystem tailored for the COPD market. Central to this vision is an emphasis on successful interregional cooperation, bringing together diverse stakeholders, cutting-edge technologies, and strategic approaches. This collaborative framework seeks to elevate COPD patient care, improve service quality, and open up new avenues of business for small and medium enterprises.


DIGILUNG delivers valuable outcomes by revolutionizing COPD care through three key pillars:

  • innovative technology integration,
  • cross-regional collaboration fostering digital health advancements,
  • empowering patients and healthcare providers.

The project’s holistic approach ensures improved patient outcomes, increased industry competitiveness, and long-term sustainability, creating a transformative impact on the landscape of digital health solutions for chronic diseases.

The DIGILUNG project delivers significant value to three key stakeholders:

SMEs in the digital health sector:

Innovation acceleration: DIGILUNG serves as a catalyst for innovation, offering SMEs in the digital health sector the opportunity to accelerate the development and deployment of novel solutions.

Collaborative ecosystem: SMEs benefit from being part of a collaborative ecosystem that brings together various stakeholders, technologies, and strategies. This collaboration enhances their ability to create and implement innovative digital health solutions.

Market opportunities: The project creates a platform for SMEs to showcase their capabilities and solutions, opening doors to increased business opportunities, partnerships, and market visibility.

Investors and funders:

Investment opportunities: DIGILUNG presents attractive investment opportunities in the digital health sector. The innovative solutions and technologies developed by SMEs in the project offer potential returns on investment for both private and public funders.

Market insight: investors and funders gain insights into emerging trends and breakthroughs in digital health. This knowledge can guide their investment strategies and help identify promising projects for future support.

Contribution to healthcare improvement: Supporting DIGILUNG aligns with the goal of contributing to advancements in healthcare, making investments in the project socially impactful.

Patients and doctors:

Improved healthcare solutions: DIGILUNG aims to enhance healthcare solutions, particularly for chronic diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Patients and doctors benefit from the development and implementation of more effective, patient-centric digital health solutions.

Remote monitoring and management: The project introduces remote monitoring capabilities, enabling patients to receive better care from the comfort of their homes. Doctors can remotely monitor patients’ health, leading to early detection and intervention, ultimately improving health outcomes.

Empowerment through technology: DIGILUNG empowers patients by incorporating technology into disease management. This empowerment leads to increased patient engagement, better understanding of their conditions, and improved overall quality of care.


Work Package 1:

Project management and coordination

lead partner Tehnopol Science and Business Park

Work Package 2:

Platform pilot - PILOT 1

lead partner moveUP

Work Package 3:

LungShirt pilot - PILOT 2

lead partner ATRIDE

Work Package 4:

Interregional integration - PILOT 3

lead partner Cognuse

Work Package 5:

Interregional Impact Deployment and regional system mobilisation

lead partner Tehnopol Science and Business Park

Work Package 6:

Communication and Dissemination

lead partner Tehnopol Science and Business Park


We are happy to present our dedicated innovation empowering team, that consists of 6 consortium partners from 4 European countries: